LezSonja´s Boarding Kennels

Residencia Canina Lezsonjas, Poligono 13,
Parcela 110, Salinas, ALICANTE

E-Mail: lezsonja@yahoo.co.uk
Telephone: English: 677 343 653 | Español: 606 584 826

LezSonja's Kennels are fully licensed and insured.  Business Number X-4553290-A

About LezSonja´s


'LezSonjas' Boarding Kennels was started in Sax by our family in 2004.  Gradually as the kennels grew and more and more licences were required, we relocated to Salinas in 2006.  The kennels were purpose built and we obtained all the necessary licences, including Zoological, Roads, Noise, Sanitation, building and kennel licences, to name but a few!

The kennels were built to UK standards using guidelines set out by DEFRA.  We also had the help of the local vet who happened to be on the panel for the zoological licence, so he was able to set out the specific requirements to meet the Spanish laws.

The kennels are powered by Solar, providing uninterrupted power - meaning no power cuts!

The kennel unit consists of 43 inidividual units.  In the main building, there are 27 kennels, 20 of which are able to hold up to 4 large dogs.  I hasten to add that only when they are all of the same family, and permission is given by the owners, as we never mix pets from different families.  We also have 7 kennels that are in a different section, specifically for smaller dogs that may feel intimidated by their surroundings.

There are a further 16 kennels which are attached to the main building, which is mainly used during busy periods such as Christmas and Summer Holidays.  These are, again, of varying sizes to accommodate the individual needs of the owners and pets.

Our local vet is also available 24/7 in cases of emergencies and has his own vet room within the kennels, where he also holds a weekly clinic for inoculations and health checks.